What a painstaking process it has been to learn to build a website! But nevermind, it's done now, and I'm doing just a short blog post to celebrate!  

You might wonder what I'm going to write about.  Me, too!  

Nah -- just kidding!

I'll talk about jazz and blues, I'll profile some of my favorite jazz artists, talk about jazz books, lecture you on taking care of your voice.  Then there will be the random musings that don't fit into any of those categories.  

Make sure you leave a comment for me, let me know what you'd like to know more about or how I can improve the look or function of my site. I'm an eager learner!  

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Ciao for now!

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My Favorites

Favorite Personal Quote:  Laugh when you can, cry when you need to, apologize when you ought to, sing every day!

Favorite Meal:  Steak, lobster, and potato.

Favorite Movie:  To Kill A Mockingbird.

Favorite Travel Destination:  Italy.

Favorite Color:  Periwinkle blue.

Favorite Female Singer:  Miss Peggy Lee. 

Favorite Male Singer:  Nat King Cole.